Contact angle apparatus

It is a custom-made contact angle setup that allows measuring contact, advancing and receding angles of sessile drop deposited on a surface from one or two views at the same time. This allows the wettability characterization of both homogeneous and patterned asymmetrically surface.

 contact angle


 Sessile droplet motion

It is a custom-made contact angle apparatus that allows to tilt and/or to apply mechanical vibration to the analyzed surface, during the contact angle measure. This system allows the dynamic wettability and friction characterization of a surface and can be equipped with a high-speed camera.

 sessil drop


 Microscope characterization

The microscope mounts different objectives (from 4x to 100x), two cameras and it typically used for flow observation (tracking), fluorescence image acquisition, microfluidic channel visualization and characterization.

 Microscope characterization


 Flow and pressure control system

The laboratory is equipped with various type of syringe pumps and pressure controllers to achieve the precise control of a small amount of liquids in microfluidic channels.

 Flow pressure controller


 Permanent and variable magnetic field control

A large set of magnets are available in the laboratory. They are typically used for studying and manipulating ferrofluids.

 Magnetic field


 Clean Room

ISO-7 cleanroom facility mainly devoted to microfabrication protocols based on photolithography and soft-lithography, performed in a controlled environment.

 clean room fab


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